Kamera Express acquires Photogalerie in Belgium

 Photo and video specialist Kamera Express is taking over the Belgian concern Photogalerie. Further to its five existing stores in Belgium, with this takeover Kamera Express will enjoy a stronger retail presence, particularly in Wallonia and Brussels. As such, Kamera Express will reinforce its Belgian market leadership in the field of photography and videography.  

Over the last 25 years Kamera Express has evolved into the leading photo and video specialist in the Benelux, proving a reliable partner both off- and online to image creators of all proficiencies. Kamera Express' evolvement following its takeover of Photogalerie, will see its strong online presence reinforced with a bigger physical presence on Belgian high streets.

„In order to underpin our market leadership in Belgium, we strove to acquire national coverage with physical stores too”, tells Kamera Express CEO, Ben Cornelisse. “Our omnichannel business model is predicated upon a strong online presence, combined with physical stores where our customers can obtain professional advice and see and hold products for themselves. We were underrepresented in the French-speaking part of Belgium, when it came to physical store capacity. Now that Photogalerie has been added to the portfolio, five stores in Nivelles, Liège, Brussels, Mechelen and Luxembourg count as an immediate part of our company.

„Thanks to many years of presence in their respective regions, the Photogalerie stores have garnered strong local brand recognition and repute. Nonetheless, their online presence has lagged behind their high street visibility. This in contrast to Kamera Express that boasts a very strong online presence in Belgium already. Joining forces makes logical sense to both parties.

“Selling photographic equipment has become a specialist niche market; one that demands both photographic and technological skills. This sector has evolved dramatically since I started out in 1988”, explains Christophe Geoffroy, founder of Photogalerie. “Small local stores have disappeared and the pandemic has resulted in an explosive growth in the online retail sector. Our collaboration with Kamera Express enables us to embrace the future with confidence. Our local points of sale shall remain in situ and we shall continue to advise our customers in the usual way.”

Kamera Express has stores in The Netherlands (13), Belgium (5), Germany (2) and Luxembourg(1) and an online presence in ten European countries. The stores that will enhance the portfolio following the takeover are located in Nivelles, Liège, Brussels, Mechelen (Foto Nelissen) and Luxembourg (Photo Mirgain).

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